Recipe: Apple Tremella Pork Row Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple Tremella Pork Row Soup


The air in November is dry and a bit cold, and the white fungus soup is perfect.



  1. First, make the white fungus, then choose a small flower, put it in a small casserole, put the water, boil it with a big fire and then cook it.

  2. At the same time, the pigs are platted through the water, and the ginger pieces should be put together to cook.

  3. Then peel the apple, cut into pieces, and red dates to the core, first prepared

  4. First, the pigs that have passed the water are discharged into a small casserole, then laid on top, and then layered with red dates. After boiling with a large fire, turn off the small fire and simmer for an hour.

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