Recipe: Apple Sydney juice - no sugar, no water

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple Sydney juice - no sugar, no water


I am coming again, this is the one I like in the store! The succulent pear of Sydney is sweet and sour with apples. Drinking the whole person and frying the chicken is comfortable. Wwww Sydney has the effect of moistening and moisturizing. Apple is flat, has a heart-breaking lungs, Shengjin detoxification, Qi and stomach, sobering the liver of the effect of Sydney, apple juice is not only delicious, but also the best detoxification and body supplements. This mixed juice not only can moisturize the lungs, but also has a cosmetic effect.



  1. 2 pears, 1 apple peeled, and the flesh cut into small pieces

  2. Throw out the squeezer in the juicer. [TIP: Don't house sugar and water! The fruit is very sweet and the two Sydney juices are very full.]

  3. You can drink it directly or filter the fruit slag and drink it. Drink thick directly, filter and drink refreshing. Filtered fruit slag can be mixed with yogurt or digging directly to eat, very cool!

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