Recipe: Apple Rose Flower

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple Rose Flower


With a combination of flower tea and fruit, will the taste be better? It is to make the color of the wine more beautiful, because the apple is not color, in order to make the color and taste more special, so Xiao Xiao added a few Luo Shenhua. Both Luoshen and Apple have the effect of helping digestion, so this wine is the best for after-dinner!



  1. Apple one

  2. Wash, slice

  3. Add lotus flower, crystal sugar

  4. Pour the wine into the bottle and dip the noodles (this time with a high-alcohol, Zhijiang Daqu in the north of Hubei, 45%!)

  5. Filter bottling after one month


Luoshenhua, natural pigments, food ingredients, medicinal herbs, also known as: roselle, mountain eggplant and so on. It has the duality of edible and medicinal, and plays a pivotal role in today's domestic market and international market. Because Luoshen is rich in protein, organic acids, vitamin C, a variety of amino acids, a large number of natural pigments and a variety of minerals beneficial to the human body. In Switzerland, people use it to produce jams, fruit juices, and wines; in Jamaica, use it as a raw material for red drinks; In West Indies, Egypt, and tropical Africa, people use it to make Luoshen wine, making fruit juice, jam, fresh drinks, puddings, pastries, and making sweet jams, ice cream, iced fruit juice, butter, and fruit filling. Cakes and other pastry, also used to modulate the color and flavor of rum. In recent years, the United States and West Germany have imported more than 2,000 to 3,000 tons of dried flower buds from the Chinese market every year for food processing; Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries also import more than 1,000 tons of dried flower buds from the Chinese market every year for food production. In China's consumer goods market, the annual sales volume of Luoshenhua is also about 1,000 tons. So far, according to incomplete statistics, the annual demand of the domestic and overseas markets will increase year by year. By 2012, the annual demand will reach 50,000~80000 tons.

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