Recipe: Apple red dates sweet water

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple red dates sweet water


After dessert, the fruit is not eaten by the family, and it is especially popular after cooking. Apple is a red wrinkled red Fuji skin, red dates are Tieling crispy dates, put a little soft for a long time.



  1. The apples are peeled and cut into small pieces, and the red dates are placed in a saucepan together. I use a milk pot, about 500-600ml of water, put ginger, stevia leaves, jasmine.

  2. Boil the fire and simmer for about 5 minutes. Turn off the fire for 10 minutes.


Stevia leaves are a good sugar substitute, because the sweetness of 3-4 is enough, Taobao is available. Adding ginger tablets is the result of the recent cooling down from the cold and cold. Boiled fruit desserts are simple to put a little tea, the taste is different.

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