Recipe: Apple powdered whole egg roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple powdered whole egg roll


I like to eat jade, and it is a bit monotonous to eat every day. In view of the fact that I love apples, but the apples in the winter are cold and frozen, why not heat the apples, so that there is this apple whole egg roll. Really a technical job~~



  1. The glutinous rice powder is opened with cold water, the eggs are broken, and the apple is diced.

  2. Apple filling: add hot water to the olive oil, then add apple diced sugar and sugar (without adding) stir fry until the apple is translucent.

  3. Apple filling: add glutinous rice syrup, use the method of making egg rolls to roll the glutinous rice roll into a strip [completed in the pot, the fire control is not good, you can turn the small fire]

  4. Whole egg skin: Eggs are scattered, add some wine brewing liquid, sugar or honey, and mix well.

  5. Whole egg skin: like the method of making jade, add egg liquid in portions, and roll the apple filling layer by layer. [This is technical work, slow work, and don't worry]

  6. When you have two golden sides, you can make a pan, topped with jam or honey, you can enjoy it~~~


The wine brewing liquid has the ingredients of wine, which can increase the toughness of the egg skin and increase the taste. It is worth a try! ! ! ! .

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