Recipe: Apple milk jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple milk jelly


This recipe is a good taste that I have tested in the past few days. If there is a better way to make the apple flavor in the milk jelly more intense, it will be modified. Thank you



  1. Apple juice 75g + milk 25g mix and mix evenly.

  2. Gelatine 3g is soaked in cold water. spare

  3. Light cream 75g + sugar 15g is placed in a milk pan to heat the sugar.

  4. Pour step 1 into step 3 and mix well. When the liquid is warm, add the gelatin which is soft in advance and stir until it melts. filter

  5. Pour into a mold or cup. (The amount produced is about 187ml) and put it in the refrigerator for overnight.


There are no tips for the time being. :)

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