Recipe: Apple lemon wheat grass juice

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple lemon wheat grass juice


Everyone in Apple knows that every day an apple, the doctor does not look for me~ Lemon is an alkaline food, and the content of VC is extremely high~ Wheat grass is even more powerful. It is a strong alkaline food. It is best for detoxification of the body!



  1. The wheat seeds are soaked overnight, the bean sprouts machine is placed, the window sill is placed, the cover is not covered, and the water is changed every day. The temperature is 20 degrees at room temperature for 3 days and then grows to about 3 cm.

  2. Remember to change the water every day, four or five days, when it grows to 8 or 9 centimeters, it is the most tender and juicy wheat grass. At this time, you can cut it and juice it.

  3. The cut wheat grass can continue to grow, and can be cut 1 or 2 times depending on the situation.

  4. Rinse the wheat grass

  5. Wash the apples and prepare the lemons that have been squeezed with some juice. Of course, the ones that have not been squeezed are the same.

  6. Cut apples and lemons into small pieces

  7. Using a slow gear juicer, squeezed with wheat grass


1. If there is no such juice extractor, the wheat grass can be separately mixed with water to filter the slag, and then mixed with the apple lemon juice squeezed by the ordinary centrifugal juicer. 2. The floating foam on the juice must not be removed, you can eat it first. That can be rich in dietary fiber pectin! 3. Seeds can be purchased on Taobao. I brought it back from my husband's country.

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