Recipe: Apple jujube soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple jujube soup


Spring needs to be replenished, but drinking water directly does not directly replenish water. This season, soup and porridge are good ways to replenish water. This is a healthy sugar-free sweet, rich in potassium and pectin, as well as organic acids and polyphenols. After drinking, the stomach is very comfortable. Apple is a very good fruit all year round, but every time you buy a pocket, not all are delicious. If the apple you bought is not good, or if you have a long time, you can make this soup. Apple's VC content is low, even if cooked, there is no need to pity, because its potassium and pectin will not be lost, and most of the antioxidants remain. Eat one or two small bowls a day, the most suitable for anemia and low blood pressure. Hawthorn is the king of pectin. Hawthorn is the fruit with the highest pectin content, far higher than the apple, peach, strawberry and other fruits that are rich in pectin. Pectin has the effect of delaying blood lipids and blood sugar, and is also beneficial for the elimination of various pollutants such as lead and cadmium in food. Its acidity is comparable to that of lemon, and it should not be eaten too much at a time. Needless to say, jujube, women who love themselves know its connotation. In the spring, you can enjoy a hot pot of hot drinks and ice-cold. It is fascinating that the house is full of sweet and sweet smell!



  1. Wash apples, hawthorns, jujubes (do not use peeling, apples with skins can be soaked in water for a while, apple peel contains a lot of nutrients that the flesh does not have)

  2. Apple diced, hawthorn, jujube, and nucleus

  3. Discharge, electric pressure cooker can be powered off for 10 minutes

  4. Drink it!


1. It is better to replace the hawthorn with jujube; 2. like thicker, add half a cup of water, mainly rely on the water in the apple; if you want to drink water, you will put more water, but also a little sugar, it is enough sweet.

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