Recipe: Apple jelly

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple jelly



  1. Apple peeled, sliced

  2. Add water to the pot, add in apple slices and cook for 5 minutes until softly drained

  3. Using food food machine to make fruit mud

  4. Add white sugar and most of the lemon juice, cook for about 30 minutes to become viscous

  5. Sprinkle sugar on the mold, pour the puree into the smoothing, sprinkle with sugar and freeze for 1 hour.


1. The apple should be cooked immediately after peeling, otherwise it will be easily oxidized. 2, the fruit mud should be as fine as possible 3, try to stir when cooking, so as not to end the bottom 4, boiled to the puree with a spoon to open the solidified state of the grain 5, using Corning pot to cook is very suitable, easy to clean 6. Use moisture-proof sugar as much as possible. If not, replace it with ordinary sugar.

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