Recipe: Apple hot cake (apple pancake)

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple hot cake (apple pancake)


Breakfast or afternoon tea is superb, with a cup of lemon black tea. However, one person has too much to eat three, and two people eat just right.



  1. Pour the premixed powder, eggs, and milk into the vessel and mix well with a manual egg beater. (Nima, my new home, no eggbeater, I have two pairs of chopsticks and a whisker.)

  2. Heat the hot pot, apply a thin oil, or pour a little oil, shake it around the pot, turn off the flame, and wipe off the blotting paper.

  3. Open the medium and small fire, then slowly pour the flour into the pot from the top, fry the hot cake to the golden side and fry for 15 seconds.

  4. Repeat the steps, the above component is probably the component of 3-4 cakes. Then, after you have cooled, you can start cooking apples.

  5. Peel the apple and pour it into the hot pot and stir fry (small and medium fire). Stir fry until the apple aroma comes out. Add the sugar and honey and continue to stir fry. After frying until golden, you can pour on the hot cake.


I will put apples because I love the apple stuffing in the apple pie, so if you have cinnamon, add a little flavor = v=.

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