Recipe: Apple brown rice paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Apple brown rice paste


Rice paste is very popular in my home. Aberdeen especially likes to drink sweet rice paste. For the concept of diet and health, I generally pay attention to the intake of sugar in my family. Most of the sugar is used as a sweetener. I can try not to add sugar without sugar. Today, I used a sweet big apple, plus brown rice to make rice paste. The entrance is sweet, and the smooth rice paste satisfies the taste buds inadvertently. Whether it's a hasty morning or a comfortable afternoon, use a broken-wall filter-free soya-bean milk machine to make a fragrant apple brown rice paste. I think you can't refuse Apple's mild taste, rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and trace elements. There are sugars, organic acids, pectin, protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and dietary fiber and carotene. It has the effects of thirst, thirst, lungs, spleen and stomach, nourishing the heart and nourishing the intestines. Brown rice has 8 kinds of amino acids, 16 kinds of minerals, 21 kinds of vitamins, germs of so-called life source and rich dietary fiber. Nutrition is complete, comprehensive and natural.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Ready material

    Ready material

  2. Home Cooking Recipe: Apple block into soymilk

    Apple block into soymilk

  3. Home Cooking Recipe: Rice washed clean

    Rice washed clean

  4. Home Cooking Recipe: Add water

    Add water

  5. Home Cooking Recipe: Turn on the power, select the rice paste button

    Turn on the power, select the rice paste button

  6. Home Cooking Recipe: After the drip sound, rice paste ok

    After the drip sound, rice paste ok

  7. Home Cooking Recipe: Spill out

    Spill out

  8. Home Cooking Recipe: Delicious, you can enjoy ^_^

    Delicious, you can enjoy ^_^


Apple should try to cut small pieces of apples to choose sweet. If you have sour taste, the sour taste will become stronger after heating.

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