Recipe: Appetizing spicy radish silk package

Home Cooking Recipe: Appetizing spicy radish silk package


Hello everyone, I am an invincible appetizer for you to take a sigh of relief on the fifth floor without gasping the big roots. ! !



  1. After warming the yeast, pour it into the flour mixed with white sugar and stir it with chopsticks into a floc. Then knead it into a smooth dough.

  2. Put the dough into the basin and put it on the lid and put it in a container with warm water that is slightly hot. Cover it and make it 2 times larger.

  3. In the fermentation process, you can make radish filling. After radish grazing, put a little salt and marinate for 20 minutes. After effluent, put it in a leaking bowl and press it to remove excess water.

  4. Put more oil in the pot, stir-fry the chili sauce, stir fry, add the radish, stir fry, pour in a little soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, chicken and stir-fry. Add the chopped green onion and stir-fry twice to serve.

  5. After the dough is fermented, take it out and then lick it and grow it into a strip. The agent can be rolled into a round and rounded into a thin round skin with thick edges on both sides.

  6. Add a radish filling and wrap it up.

  7. Wrap the buns for another 15 minutes, then pour the cold water into the pot and steam for 15 minutes.


1. Do not be too soft. Do not look at the amount of water absorbed by the flour at one time to judge the amount of water. It is better to use soft and not sticky hands ((→ _→.) I may be too excited to pour the light this time. The water is soft and the pleats of the buns are not obvious at the end.) 2. Do not open the lid in the middle 3. When pickling radish, the salt can be less. After the radish is soft, use a dish rack to squeeze directly on the leaking bowl. The water will run out, but it should not be too dry. Otherwise, it will not taste enough. It will be like eating a rotten rope. 4. My hot sauce is the soy sauce that I used to eat. I love this stuffy sauce. It’s very important. My dad praised me for the good morning. He ate four of my sick moms. I have a big appetite and I have two straight breaths.

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