Recipe: Appetizing red pepper

Home Cooking Recipe: Appetizing red pepper


When the appetite is not good, come to a plate of sweet and sour, fresh and colorful red pepper, simple and appetizing! Mother's dishes, after I got married, I started cooking myself and tried to make various dishes, but I still remember the taste of my mother~



  1. The red pepper is cut into strips, the garlic is chopped, and the granules are not too broken.

  2. Hot pot, pour oil, add garlic and saute

  3. Add red pepper, stir fry until red pepper is light, add soy sauce and stir fry until red pepper is cooked.

  4. Add vinegar, salt (first taste salty), sugar, stir fry for a while before the pot. Loading, serving!


If you dry the pot, you can add a little water, keep a certain amount of juice ~ gray often eaten! Children also like it!

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