Recipe: Appetizing hot and sour soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Appetizing hot and sour soup



  1. The black fungus is soaked in water, and if the shiitake mushrooms are dried shiitake mushrooms, they are also soaked together. Wash the two, the fungus to the pedicle and the lactone tofu all three cut into thin filaments;

  2. Eggs are beaten into egg liquid;

  3. Add the base oil to the pot, add a little scallions and sautéed with scallions, add the avocado and shredded mushrooms, add a large bowl of water. Add a little bit of soy sauce, add fresh soy sauce, chicken, and add tofu;

  4. After boiling, put a spoonful of vinegar, add the pepper powder and mix well, pour the egg mixture into the egg flower, add water starch to thicken;

  5. Add a spoonful of vinegar and a little sesame oil after turning off the heat.

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