Recipe: Appetizing 椿 椿 egg pancake specialties, will know friends

Home Cooking Recipe: Appetizing 椿 椿 egg pancake specialties, will know friends


[Pancake Fu] "Use seasonal wild vegetables, sautéed with eggs, made egg pancakes. The method is super simple, but the taste is super delicious, very fragrant, still very nutritious, breakfast is quite good. You can lick yourself according to your own taste. I like the sauce, which is also very good. I put some chili sauce, soy sauce and vinegar, and it is very enjoyable to eat. If you like garlic, you can also match the garlic and taste delicious."



  1. Prepare the required raw materials, wash the citron, put the water in the pot, put the fragrant water after the water is opened, remove it, squeeze it out

  2. Chop the citron, take a large container, pour the eggs, put the flour, fragrant chopped, chopped green onion, add the appropriate amount of salt and water, stir into a thin paste

  3. Use a pan, heat the vegetable oil, pour the fragrant egg batter and fry until golden on both sides.

  4. Roll into a roll, cut off the child, put on the plate, you can adjust your favorite sauce, such as garlic, sesame oil, vinegar juice, like spicy food can be adjusted chili oil, soy sauce, vinegar juice, eating is also very good


1. The citron must be chopped and then chopped; 2. The sauce can be adjusted according to your own taste, that is, there is no sauce and it is delicious.

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