Recipe: Apologetic cheese 红 cheese sweet potato puree

Home Cooking Recipe: Apologetic cheese 红 cheese sweet potato puree


This morning, I was locked up at home inexplicably, and I couldn’t open the door. Can you imagine the scene where you can't open the door when you are insomnia for the next day after you have been insomnia and ready to go to see your husband! ! ! ! It’s really angry! ! ! ! Call Mickey and let him open the door for me. At 7:20, the first time I didn't pick it up. After I hit it, I became very hot and hot... When someone came over and helped me open the door for 20 minutes, my little universe broke out... I was tempered by the mickey who came to rescue me. So...The noodle dessert at noon today is called "I'm sorry honey" Cheese, cheese, sweet potato, mud... This is the appearance of not entering the oven... Is it very Q? 15min 175°C Let the cheese melt with someone's heart!



  1. Sweet potato washed, peeled and cut into small pieces, steamed in a steamer

  2. Add a small triangle cheese and knead it together. This time it is very dry.

  3. Add a little milk and mix well, add sugar (slow it, taste it, don't sweeten it)

  4. Form the dough by hand, if it is too sticky, just dipped a little cold water on your hand.

  5. Put a little mozzarella cheese on each ball

  6. Oven 175° 15 minutes Please let the cheese melt with someone's heart!


1, milk can be replaced with whipped cream, taste better, but I feel fat! Don't add more milk. When the meatballs are too thin, it is not easy to shape them. 2, there is no small triangle cheese can add cheddar, no plus I think the taste is also good ... eat the original taste of food ... free to play 3, sweet potatoes do not use boiled water too much influence the taste?

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