Recipe: Aoki Dingzhi's Shuflei Cheesecake

Home Cooking Recipe: Aoki Dingzhi's Shuflei Cheesecake


Xiao Yu’s Shu Fu Lei cheesecake is much better. Before I saw Huanhua Dingzhi’s Shu Fu Lei cheesecake, I wanted to know the difference between the two. I specially found a prescription to try the 6-inch live cake mold. ~ The original side is twice the amount used.



  1. Cut the cream cheese and butter into small pieces and let them soften to room temperature.

  2. The cream cheese and butter softened at room temperature are placed in a blender until smooth and free of particles.

  3. The milk is heated by a small fire.

  4. In addition, use a beaten egg pot, add egg yolk and sugar (15G), stir evenly, then add cornstarch and mix well.

  5. Slowly pour the boiled milk into the prepared egg yolk paste in the fourth step, then put it in the pot and heat it with water. Stir and prevent agglomeration while heating. Heat to 87 degrees from the fire and continue to stir until smooth and free of particles.

  6. Pour the processed egg yolk paste into a blender of cream cheese and butter, add the lemon peel and mix well, and color it like mayonnaise to pour it out.

  7. Add protein powder and sugar (45G) to the two proteins and use an electric egg beater. It is sent to the extent that the tip of the protein triangle naturally hangs down.

  8. Add the protein twice to the alternate egg yolk paste and mix well. Preheat the oven 120°. Pour the cheese paste into the mold, the upper layer in the water bath method, and bake for 1 hour, 10 minutes to 30 minutes.


After the cake is baked, the surface is not colored. Increase the temperature to 160 ° and bake for 10~15 minutes. Pay attention to the surface of the cake and color it out. Put the cake on the warmth to release it. There is a strong lemon flavor in the cake~ It is not the same Souffle Cheesecake~ You can try it~

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