Recipe: Antai Soup - Aigen stewed chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Antai Soup - Aigen stewed chicken soup


Husband and Hakka, the pregnant housewife has cooked the Aigen soup for me to drink, the first child is good, no effect. The second fetal body is not as good as the first child. After the pregnancy, the stomach is often painful. Try to cook the soup. It feels better than the doctor's prescription. It will not hurt after eating. Aigen can also regulate menstruation and have the effect of treating menstrual pain. And Aigen's role is the same as wormwood, but better than wormwood. A good medicine for women.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Aigen, like this, has a faint scent of wormwood.

    Aigen, like this, has a faint scent of wormwood.

  2. Let the cold blisters be washed, and there will always be sediment on Aigen, which needs to be cleaned several times.

  3. The old hen is washed clean, the black beans can be foamed in advance, and it is too late to use hot water.

  4. Aigenga water is placed in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes. After cooking, remove Aigen and throw away the water and pour it into the casserole. Put the chicken black beans in the pan and boil over low heat for about two hours.

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