Recipe: Angry bird

Home Cooking Recipe: Angry bird


#不做做穿的厨子 is not a good food # Last year I liked to play birdies, of course, it was a look, the details are still rough, I wanted to make fondant that day, but unfortunately failed. But the bird is still very cute, and there are nostrils. . . The materials are all readily available at home, and there is no special preparation. After the completion, it was very unexpected. I found that it was completely possible to DIY like the cake according to my own imagination and thoughts. As long as you have imagination, you can do it.



  1. I made a cake embryo with a stainless steel pot that was originally beaten, so it was a hemisphere. I also checked the stainless steel beforehand.

  2. Add two drops of red pigment after whipping cream, which is probably pink

  3. Sharpen the banana to make a nose and fix it with two toothpicks

  4. The eyebrows are the bottom of the cake that was not baked well the day before, and the effect is exceptionally good. If you have a piece of wood, you can use chocolate to make extra cake, or cut it into chocolate with this shape.

  5. Use a toothpick on the tail and fork it at the end, then cover it with fresh milk.

  6. Others will follow the pattern.

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