Recipe: Angelica sinensis, red dates, stewed black chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Angelica sinensis, red dates, stewed black chicken soup


This soup is full of qi and blood, and the kidney is fine. Applicable to menstrual disease, qi and blood deficiency, kidney deficiency, menstrual period is not allowed, the amount of menstruation is small, pale, shortness of breath, insomnia, dizziness, soreness, pale and so on.



  1. The black-bone chicken is washed and cut into pieces with a knife.

  2. Ginger block pats flat, Astragalus, Angelica, Codonopsis, red dates, dried longan.

  3. Put the pot into the water, boil the fire, add the ginger and cooking wine, pour the black-bone chicken, pick it up, cool it with cold water, rinse off the oil, and control the dry water for use.

  4. Put the black-bone chicken in the casserole, add ginger, astragalus, angelica, codonopsis, red dates, dried longan. After the fire is boiled, remove the floating foam, cover the lid of the casserole, and simmer for 2 hours.

  5. Let's cook for another 10 minutes. After the soup is cooked, add the appropriate amount of salt to taste and serve.


1. Black-bone chicken water, so you can get rid of the smell, you can also remove some of the fat, so that the soup is not so greasy, more refreshing; 2, when stewed black chicken soup, the best ratio of Angelica and Astragalus is 1:5, to achieve the best qi and blood; 3, when the soup is not too much to put onions, ginger, cooking wine and other spices, so as not to affect the original flavor of the soup itself, also avoid premature release of salt, because early release of salt can make the protein in the meat coagulation is not easy to dissolve, let The color of the soup is dark, the concentration is not enough, and the appearance is not beautiful; 4, when the soup is in the cold water, the material is better, because the hot water will make the protein quickly solidify, it is not easy to release the umami; 5, when the small fire is slow, you can't open the lid in the middle and you can't add water in the middle. Because the meat being heated is cold-shrinking, the protein is not easy to dissolve, and the soup loses the original fresh flavor, otherwise it affects the taste of the soup; 6. No matter how long the soup is, the nutrition of the meat can not be completely dissolved in the soup, so you should eat the right amount of meat after drinking the soup; 7, when the cold is not suitable for use with soup tonic, because it is easy to aggravate the symptoms of cold; 8, these soups with therapeutic effects should be used to drink, 2-3 times a week is appropriate.

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