Recipe: Angelica old hen rice noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Angelica old hen rice noodle


The rice noodles in the memory are not complicated and delicious. .



  1. Angelica hot water, cold water soaked

  2. The chicken is cleaned, the chicken oil is taken out, some chicken skin is cut, the green onion is left with a small chopped green onion, and the remaining segments are cut.

  3. Chicken simmered in water, boiled in cold water with ginger and pepper, simmer for 2 hours, put the onion in 20 minutes before the pot (you can use chicken legs instead, just stew for one hour; you can also go to the supermarket to buy boxed chicken soup, but That kind of preservative is too much)

  4. While stewing, cut the chicken skin into small pieces, add the chicken oil to the hot pot to melt it, then add in the chicken skin and fry until golden brown, sprinkle with a small amount of salt (so there will be a meringue (also called crispy) feeling. I don't know if this method is outside)

  5. Take another pot, cook the rice noodles and put them in the shower.

  6. Pour some of the chicken oil in the pot and put it in a small container. Add some chicken soup and chicken. Add in the water and simmer for 10 minutes. Add salt and a small amount of chicken.

  7. Put in the rice noodles and cook for half a minute. After the pan, sprinkle with chopped green onion.

  8. The meringue that has just been prepared can be mixed in, or it can be packed in a small dish.


1. Angelica can be placed in the stewed chicken, or it can be put together with Angelica at the end of cooking. But I personally don't like the bitter taste of Angelica for a long time, so I chose to put it back. 2. Before putting rice noodles, you can selectively put tofu, bean curd, bean sprouts, leek and other vegetables and various sliced ​​meats, which will become a bowl of balanced three fresh rice noodles (pre-cooked name of bridge rice noodle) 3, the rest of the chicken soup can be cooled, use a clean spoon to hold a small portion into the frozen, and then burn vegetables and seasoning, more healthy. (I am a person, so I consume more slowly. In fact, maybe everyone will finish it in one day.) 4, -v-This is not a Yunnan native, nor has he been to Yunnan to eat rice noodles. Here is the taste of a rice noodle shop opened by a Yunnanese in front of a high school entrance. Personal feeling is quite like, if there is anything wrong, welcome to correct

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