Recipe: Andrographis

Home Cooking Recipe: Andrographis


The salad of Andrographis paniculata used a part, and the rest changed for a way to eat ~~ and the egg is also very good together~~~



  1. Cut the orenarrhea into a chopped or chopped egg, stir in an egg, stir and mix well.

  2. Add some salt to taste.

  3. Preheat the pan, pour the olive oil, heat it; pour in the eggplant liquid and spread it with a spatula.

  4. In the middle of fire (depending on your own firepower), when the egg liquid is slowly solidified, you can do it without turning over.


After the eggplant liquid was ready, I opened the gap, and when I remembered, the heart-opening lotus had already effluent, the egg liquid was diluted, and it was green; but the problem was not big, but the finished product was particularly tender! ~~~

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