Recipe: And wind hoe

Home Cooking Recipe: And wind hoe



  1. Glutinous rice flour, starch mixed, added with water and stirred into a slurry

  2. Steam the slurry for about 20 minutes until cooked, stir the mixture, and cover the plastic wrap to room temperature.

  3. Wear disposable plastic gloves, gloves coated vegetable oil anti-adhesive, use a spoon to dig a mass of pulp, reunion, squash, wrapped in taro stuffing, skin: filling = 3:2 (don't be greedy, prevent too sweet), Close the bag, then roll the layer of cooked glutinous rice flour


1. After packing, store the crisper and keep it dry. It can be refrigerated in a short time, but the refrigerating time will be hard, it is best not to exceed 6 hours. 2. If the chopsticks are inserted into the potato, it can be easily penetrated.

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