Recipe: And fruit - yellow bean flour fern cake

Home Cooking Recipe: And fruit - yellow bean flour fern cake


I have also pondered it several times. Sweetness is already appropriate.



  1. Sifting fern powder, adding sugar, adding water (while stirring with water)

  2. Stir into a milky white liquid

  3. Heat over low heat, stir until transparent, viscous

  4. Turn off the heat, cool into the mold (square/rectangular), and refrigerate the refrigerator for less than 3 hours.

  5. Remove the diced pieces from the refrigerator and wrap the soy flour.


1. The amount of water determines the hardness of the fern cake. Water should not be too much, otherwise it will be difficult to form. 2. Soy flour can be replaced with matcha, cocoa powder and coconut. Personally think that soy flour is more fragrant.

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