Recipe: And flavored stewed jam

Home Cooking Recipe: And flavored stewed jam


The recipe comes from "Japanese nostalgic desserts of Sugawara". The following is a description of the Japanese-style flavor made from miso, which is full of authentic Japanese flavor. It is not only suitable for eating with the bread 'youg, but also suitable as a seasoning sauce for meat dishes. . ——————笠原将弘* is really worth trying, super simple, when cooking, the home is full of fragrant flavor, and the finished jam is a thick gelatinous feeling, sweet with plum The original sour taste is really delicious.



  1. Now peeling the fruit will need to be peeled

  2. Cut into 5mm size

  3. Put the fruit diced and miso into the pot and heat it with medium heat.

  4. Cook until the water is dry, turn off the heat, let cool


The net weight of 400g is stewed with 200ml miso. It can be freely selected and made with the favorite fruit. It can be cooled and stored in a sterile glass bottle.

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