Recipe: Ancient vinegar roast chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Ancient vinegar roast chicken


One day ago, I ate "Ancient vinegar chicken" in the green tea restaurant. The taste is ok. The downside is that the taste floats on the surface and is not in the chicken. Going home, I studied the practice of this dish and decided to try it out and put the taste into it. The result is quite good. ~ In order to facilitate the meaty addiction, the chicken wings are used. The sauce is rich in flavor, beautiful in color, soft and hard. No spicy and unpalatable food, it is recommended to add a combination of dried pepper and pickled pepper.



  1. Wing roots change the knife into blocks, how big is it?

  2. Put water into the blood

  3. Ginger diced with water into a blender to make juice, filtered to obtain juice

  4. Put the chicken pieces in the ginger juice, add the onion slices and mix well.

  5. Add soy sauce and salt seasoning, add soy sauce, add balsamic vinegar and mix well

  6. Refrigerated in the refrigerator for several hours

  7. Remove the chicken pieces before cooking, pick the green onion slices, drain, leave the marinade and add water.

  8. Put hot oil in the pot, stir the onion ginger and garlic, add the chicken pieces, stir fry

  9. After frying, put in the marinade with added water, the water consumption is flush with one-half of the chicken, don't overdo the chicken, cook for 10 minutes in medium and small heat.

  10. Collect the juice from the fire, pour a spoonful of balsamic vinegar along the pot, stir fry the pan, and scent the sesame oil.


1. Chicken Chicken legs Chicken wings can be cooked in any part of this way. 2, balsamic vinegar is better than vinegar 3, you can add dried peppers and pickled peppers, the sour taste of pickled peppers and the same vinegar, can balance the greasy chicken 4. After tasting this plate of chicken, I feel that the next time I add some kimchi, the flavor will be good, and the meal is more suitable.

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