Recipe: Ancient early taste water

Home Cooking Recipe: Ancient early taste water


For a while, I still couldn’t understand what was the ancient taste. There were signs in the streets full of old-fashioned signs, ancient morning milk tea, ancient tea leaves, ancient early rice cakes... Later, read An article by Douyou only knows that food has a nostalgic and rustic taste. Nostalgia does not have to be an old-fashioned practice, but it must have a history. The simplicity is that you need to cook the taste of the food itself, which is not based on condiments but on the heart.



  1. After the water is boiled, turn to a small fire and pour the eggs (do not break the eggs)

  2. After the egg liquid has solidified slightly, use a spatula to gently push the bottom of the egg (must be light, otherwise the egg will be puncture)

  3. Look at your personal preferences, like to eat the heart, turn the egg over; love the egg white yolk, the egg yolk is punctuated

  4. Wait a moment and sprinkle a little salt to get out of the pan.


1. A favorite snack when I was young, so the current practice continues the childhood preferences - only add salt, if you want to make the taste more fresh, you can also add the right amount of chicken 2. The name of this dim sum is transferred from the dialect. Now I want to come up with a very connotation.

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