Recipe: Amish White Toast

Home Cooking Recipe: Amish White Toast



  1. All materials are applied to the film, and vegetable oil is used here, so it is more convenient to add vegetable oil. Then fermented to twice as large. Divided into equal three

  2. Then cover the plastic wrap for 10 minutes, which is easier to operate.

  3. Take one of them

  4. Roll it up again, be sure to remember that the surface must be smooth, so that the surface of the toast that is made will be smooth. The other is three steps and four steps to go again, this will be more compact

  5. Put it in the toast mold. If you are not a non-stick toast mold, be sure to apply softened butter and sprinkle the powder. This will not easily stick

  6. Fermentation to 80% full, the oven preheated 180 degrees, the lowest layer, up and down. Cover for 40 minutes


1, the cost of this toast is extremely low, probably less than three yuan. But the effect is still great. 2, when operating, be sure to pay attention to the film, and it is best to use a glove-like film, the toast is delicious. 3, when eating, feel free to eat directly. 4, this toast formula in a forum, was identified as a five-star toast formula, quite worth recommending. 5, each person's oven temperature is not the same, each master. 6, generally no special instructions, are all up and down to bake food.

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