Recipe: American scrambled eggs scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: American scrambled eggs scrambled eggs


Refer to your own experience and various recipes on the website of the country. . . It is different from the kitchen. . So I rebuilt a detailed version. . . Perfect American scrambled eggs! ! ! _______________________ No cheese and heavy flavors are needed. Only the original eggs give you a different breakfast experience. Well, scrambled eggs sound easy. However, the simpler things are, there are often no rules and regulations to follow, and it is not easy to grasp the most important parts of them. (This is not a dessert, don't add sugar!) I want to make a tender, wet, but fully cooked scrambled eggs... The first key is to beat eggs! ! It is necessary to blow in the air so that the scrambled eggs will be soft! Don't be nervous and don't want to send it. . . Just let them soften it! ! No need to beat the eggbeater! ! The second is to control the heat. . . Can't overheat. . . If there is a little brown trace on the egg or if it has dried up, it will be a failure. Then about milk! I want to eat milk and add whole fat, but it may affect the original taste of the egg. If you want to eat the perfect scrambled egg, you should use low-fat milk (although I still like full-fat ORZ). . . The addition of milk can delay the speed of heat transfer in the egg and achieve a fresh effect. In short, the eggs that come out are tender and soft, full of the original taste of the eggs, not the omelettes (Chinese egg-flavored eggs~) ______________________ In fact, as long as you have a pan or a slow-heating induction cooker, do this high protein. Breakfast is easy. The steps are very complicated to write, I am afraid that everyone has a fire stove and a big iron pot. In fact, it is to fry an egg, simple and fast! Don't hesitate, eat scrambled eggs for breakfast today!



  1. Beat the eggs

  2. Do not stick to the low temperature oil in the pan. Add butter and let it melt.

  3. Add milk and salt to the egg solution during this time~ continue to whipped to make the egg liquid into the full air

  4. When the butter is hot (considering that the domestic children's papers are more powerful, the fire can be turned off at this step, and the fire is not strong, the fire is not strong). Do not stir! Let the eggs slowly and slowly warm for a minute until the bottom is formed (if your gas stove is strong, it may not be a minute)

  5. Don't hesitate, pick up the wooden shovel and push the eggs from the edge to the middle. The upper layer of egg will flow to the bottom of the pot, solidify and then push in the middle until the eggs do not continue to be cooked. (The fire can be put back to the pot.) Continue to madly stir on the small fire, in short, the whole process of small fire, can not let the eggs color and color to show old)

  6. When you can't see the flowing liquid, quickly leave the fire and continue to stir.

  7. Loading them At this point they should be soft and damp. . It is said that the eggs are very strange and they will continue to become familiar (post-ripening stage). . . So don't fry your head in the pot!

  8. Sprinkle with black pepper


1) If you want to eat more, you can add fried tomato, onion, bacon, chopped cheese, and so on. . . (In short, there will be no more water) 2) 2 eggs 2 teaspoons of milk is only a proportion 噢~ In fact, a little more eggs (such as 3 eggs, 3 teaspoons of milk) will be better fried ~ = v = 3) use a pan (not Sticky pot). 4) Considering that many people fry one or two eggs when they eat one by one, the pot with smaller caliber may be more convenient to stir evenly in the pot. 5) If you don't like black pepper, you may not sprinkle. I have friends who like to squeeze in tomato sauce. The cuteness!

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