Recipe: American ginseng stone glutinous wheat winter sweet soup

Home Cooking Recipe: American ginseng stone glutinous wheat winter sweet soup


Dry autumn, need some moisturizing soup to regulate, can make the skin moist, the body is not easy to be attacked by dryness. Introducing a sweet soup that is suitable for fall drinking is very helpful for staying up late, dry mouth, irritability, and dry eyes. (ps, Fang Zi is referring to HK Fangjie, she has recommended many different kinds of soup, I like her very much~



  1. Wash the sarcophagus and syrup, put them in a stew for 40 minutes, add rock sugar and American ginseng, and drink for 3 minutes.


Dendrobium is a relatively expensive medicinal material, the price is cheap and expensive, of course, the effect will be better, I bought 8 dollars a gram, the liver is trembled, huh, huh ~ my mother said that the stone 斛 wheat winter 煲 black chicken lean meat Yes, you can drink often, this is a good soup, I see a lot of this recipe in the kitchen, insist, this autumn will often soup, let the old Yang live and moist!

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