Recipe: American ginseng stone chicken soup

Home Cooking Recipe: American ginseng stone chicken soup


The crystal clear American ginseng stone chicken soup is very delicious! Sweet! Good luck! Efficacy: clearing, qi, stomach, etc., is the effect of American ginseng + stone 斛. Specifically, you can Baidu! The practice is stewed in an electric cooker, very simple!



  1. Shijie first used water for 1 hour, and then it was easier to taste with one grain.

  2. The old hen licks the big pot and rolls it off to get the blood and pick it up. If the fresh chicken doesn't go, you can.

  3. Chicken nuggets, American ginseng tablets, soaked sarcophagus, medlar, longan meat, red dates, stewed in a pan, topped with 9 points of water

  4. Put the inner lid into the electric cooker, add the outer pot to the water of the highest scale, adjust to the slow cooker, and cook for 2 and a half hours. Can be reserved!

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