Recipe: American ginseng slice processing method

Home Cooking Recipe: American ginseng slice processing method


There are a lot of American ginseng in the house, because it is very inconvenient to use the whole root, it will be wasted. I searched a lot of processing methods, some said that I got the pharmacy to slice, but also said that it was broken with a bag. I think that the method of slicing after steaming is the best and easy to operate. After slicing, it is convenient to make tea or soup. In fact, this is not a recipe, but I hope I can help my classmates who have the same problems~~



  1. After boiling the steam, put the American ginseng in a small dish and steam for about half an hour. Take out the slices while hot, dry and dry, then put in a sealed can.

  2. For tea or stew, just take a few slices and use them.


1. Be sure to take out the heat and cut the thin slices. This will not only prevent the water vapor from falling on the American ginseng, but also prevent it from becoming hard and hard. 2, do not cut too much at a time, anyway, no trouble, just cut one every time, use it and then cut. After all, the whole root preservation effect is better.

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