Recipe: American ginseng red dates stewed pork ribs

Home Cooking Recipe: American ginseng red dates stewed pork ribs


For the pursuit of food, the landlord has been tireless, but the record of food has stopped for 2 years. Recently, the landlord is planning to return to the old business, I hope you will join in. It’s too fast to imagine that the wind is changing. It’s awkward to leave now for two years. Please forgive me.



  1. First, the ribs are ready for use, and the American ginseng is soaked in water and sliced. The red dates are washed.

  2. Refill the casserole (disposable enough to heat the water if needed), pour 1 into the water after opening

  3. 10 minutes after boiling, turn the simmering two seeds

  4. Add the right amount of salt and simmer for 20 minutes.

  5. Add green onion when you drink according to your taste

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