Recipe: American Ginseng Black Chicken Soup

Home Cooking Recipe: American Ginseng Black Chicken Soup


In these few days, I generally choose to drink American ginseng and black pheasant soup. The ginseng has the effects of clearing heat, detoxifying, and replenishing the heart and qi. Wuji has the effect of nourishing blood and tonifying the kidney.



  1. Wash the black-bone chicken, put it in boiling water, wash the floating foam

  2. Dizziness is soft, I am too lazy to cut the whole piece, the whole chicken is put into the casserole, my home is the purple sand rice cooker, the soup is best used, do not look at the fire

  3. Putting into the ginseng, ginger, and red dates, I ran to read the book. After five or six hours of meat rotten soup, I put it in salt and drank it.

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