Recipe: American Ginseng and Dendrobium

Home Cooking Recipe: American Ginseng and Dendrobium



  1. Prepare all the soup stock

  2. Wash the pork lean meat and cut into pieces

  3. Put the lean pork in boiling water and boil it, wash it with cold water.

  4. Wash American Ginseng, Dendrobium, and Jujube

  5. So put the material in the stockpot and add 6 bowls of water.

  6. After the fire is opened, turn to low heat for 2 hours, season with salt.


1, the lean meat in the soup can be replaced with black-bone chicken or 250 grams of three yellow chicken, the taste will be more fresh. 2, Chinese medicine believes that American ginseng is a cold medicine, should be qi and nourish Yin. If the body has fever, such as dry mouth and irritability, palms and fever, red complexion, and often tired and weak body, the use of American ginseng supplements can achieve the purpose of nursed back to health. Conversely, if you have cough, drooling, or edema, you should avoid taking American ginseng, otherwise it will aggravate your condition.

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