Recipe: American cinnamon apple pie (6 inch)

Home Cooking Recipe: American cinnamon apple pie (6 inch)


The apple pie can be said to be a home-made dessert that a wife must learn. It is very suitable for enjoying with English black tea. If you want more flavor, please add cinnamon and rum: D attention! ! ! This recipe is a small sugar just started to play with baking, apple filling tastes good, but the leather is hard and brittle, like the soft taste of the small sugar itself is not satisfied, and later tried several practices, but there has been no special Recommended, so there is no update practice (I will tell you because I didn't know how to re-edit the recipe before)? It has now been replaced by another pie. Update! ! ! ! ! ! ! On the birthday of the mother-in-law, I tried the teacher’s pie, which is easy to operate and crisp, but the oil is relatively large, and the texture is more biased towards the layer of cake. I personally feel that it is not suitable for apple pie. So I decided to use me to make a pie pie recipe for the pumpkin pie. I will update it during the Chinese New Year and attach a step chart. I hope that everyone will be more satisfied! Thank you! !



  1. Cut the cold butter and sprinkle with sifted flour, salt and powdered sugar. Grab the hand well, let the butter diced on the flour, and then mix as the meat.

  2. When the butter flour is cut into coarse sand, dig a hole in the middle of the flour pile and pour cold water.

  3. Mix the flour and mix it with water. After the dry powder disappears, it will be smashed into a dough and allowed to stand at room temperature for 1 hour. (揉成团团型型, do not over press 揉, otherwise it will affect the taste)

  4. Take 1 apple peeled and cut into small pieces, cook with a small amount of water and cook into apple puree, then let cool and serve. You can add some sugar powder to season, as the weight depends on your taste. (A friend who is in trouble can use mud machine to make mud)

  5. Another apple is peeled and diced, topped with lemon juice to prevent oxidation and taste. After standing for a while, add 7g of butter to the pan. After all the melt, pour in apple diced, cinnamon, powdered sugar and white rum. Slowly cook until cooked. (The sugar used in this step is extra for the food list. You can put it according to your own taste and try it while cooking.)

  6. Remove the loose dough into a crust, spread it on the baking mold, and use a fork to puncture the small holes in the bottom of the pie. Relax for 15 minutes.

  7. After the relaxation is completed, a layer of oil paper is placed, and the heavy objects such as beans are pressed on it to avoid deformation during baking. Then, it is sent to the oven which has been preheated to 190 °C, and the middle layer is baked up and down for 15 minutes or the skin is slightly colored.

  8. Apply a layer of apple puree to the crust and pour in the cooked apple diced.

  9. Take the remaining crusts and make them into strips, spread them on the top of the pie, and then apply the egg liquid. After standing for a while, it is sent to an oven preheated to 200°, and baked for 25 minutes.


1. Apple puree and apple diced, the taste will be more abundant. 2. Try to replace the sugar with sugar powder, which will be more delicate. 3. The cake skin is more flavorful with salt.

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