Recipe: American Bisji Biscuits

Home Cooking Recipe: American Bisji Biscuits


The first time I passed the recipe was with the "Anthropologist in the Kitchen" Zhuang Zuyi learned that I reduced the amount of the square by half. I can do 5 and it is very convenient. I like the soft skin and it is not too sweet. I used to come with fried chicken in the south. I think it would be good to eat breakfast. If you like sweeter, add more sugar and change the milk into whipped cream to become the English afternoon tea "Sikang"!



  1. Mix other materials besides milk and eggs. Gently squeeze the butter into the powder and mix it into a powder like bread.

  2. Add milk, mix well, don't force it to avoid gluten

  3. The dough is about 2 cm thick. The dough is pressed out and the surface is coated with egg liquid.

  4. The oven is 230 degrees (220 degrees I use). The middle layer is 8-9 minutes. When the surface is colored, it can be baked.


All materials are best iced and can be frozen in the refrigerator and then frozen.

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