Recipe: American avocado scrambled eggs

Home Cooking Recipe: American avocado scrambled eggs


There are more than one hundred kinds of eggs, and American scrambled eggs are one of them that has the same high value, good nutrition, tender taste and fresh taste. I added avocado in the basic American scrambled egg, with a multi-grain bag, a healthy breakfast with a meal of fat, carbon water, protein and various trace elements. The point is, it's delicious! delicious! delicious! It is smooth, tender and fresh, and it has a different taste from Chinese scrambled eggs. Eat egg madness and want to change the pattern, you must try this.



  1. After the two eggs are broken up, add a little salt, then add the milk and mix well. If you like the taste of the mouth, you can add some milk. If you like the flavor of the egg, you can also reduce the milk. The component does not have to be absolutely fixed. Avocado cut into small pieces for use.

  2. Boil the butter in a non-stick pan, heat over medium heat until the butter is completely melted, and pour the mixed egg milk into the pan. This is the key. When the bottom begins to solidify, the solidified part is pushed from the periphery to the middle with a spatula, and the unsolidified egg milk liquid flows out to contact the pot. When there is another solidification, push it in the middle. At this time, the remaining layer of egg milk will flow to the periphery of the pot and begin to solidify.

  3. After all the solidification, a scrambled egg heap like a hill will form in the pot. At this time, pay special attention to the heat. I feel that the eggs are almost fully cooked. When the bottom is not browned, you can add the cut avocado. Stir slightly and sprinkle with the ground black pepper granules.


1. I use medium fire throughout the whole process to avoid the bad control of the fire, causing the eggs to be scorched or old, and the taste is not smooth enough. 2. Avocado should be selected to be ripe, that is, the skin is black, but it is not particularly dark, and the pinch is slightly soft. 3. Peanut oil can be used if there is no butter, but the overall will be slightly off. Because of the addition of milk, the milk and butter are still better. If you like milky flavors, you can also replace the milk with whipped cream.

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