Recipe: Amber walnut

Home Cooking Recipe: Amber walnut



  1. A small amount of rock sugar, a small bowl of water, boiled in the pot. The ratio of sugar to water directly affects the sizing of the syrup. If the water is too thick, the sugar will form white crystals after cooling. In the practice, the chef mastered a simple method: when the sugar is completely melted, taste the sugar water, the sweetness is moderate, the sugar is added, the sweet is added water.

  2. The sugar water is slowly boiled. When the area of ​​the sugar water begins to shrink, the fire is turned down, and the chopsticks are kept stirring. The transparent sugar will gradually turn yellow and zoom. When it becomes amber color, it indicates that the syrup is good, and a small walnut is added. Pour into the syrup and turn it quickly so that the walnuts are evenly smeared with syrup and sprinkled with fried white sesame seeds. After cooling down, you can enjoy

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