Recipe: Amazingly

Home Cooking Recipe: Amazingly


One of the very happy things in the morning is to make a bowl of ecstasy noodles and then cover a heart-shaped omelet. Bite open, 噢哟~ full of mouth. Hahaha! !



  1. Put chicken, salt, soy sauce, chopped green onion in the bowl

  2. Put a small fire, put the chili powder and fry until red oil

  3. Pour red oil into 1

  4. Cook the noodles, cook until you like the taste and pick it up in the bowl.

  5. Cover your favorite vegetables and stir-fry

  6. Covered with a heart-shaped omelette

  7. Began to eat


I like the eggs that are very bad inside. Hey! In this noodle, I add the cabbage, scallions and parsley. Please note that the bottom soup is not much, because if you want more soup, you must put more oil, but it is not good to eat too much oil, so the face should be reduced accordingly to ensure the taste. color.

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