Recipe: Amazing 20-second super fresh bacon asparagus

Home Cooking Recipe: Amazing 20-second super fresh bacon asparagus



  1. Remove the older part of the asparagus end, cut the bacon slice with a diagonal knife

  2. Open water, asparagus, this is the magic 20 seconds after the water is opened, add a little bit of oil and salt in the boiling water, so that the vegetables will keep the green asparagus in the pot, the heart will be counted to 20, you can fish out the spare time, the asparagus will not be old, also Not too old

  3. Heat the bacon slices under the cold oil to the bacon golden yellow, and remove the bacon. I will continue to fry with the oil of the fried bacon. I don’t like the pork taste too heavy.

  4. Pour the asparagus after the flying water, stir fry for a while, add salt and continue to stir fry @ If you are using fried bacon oil, be sure to pay attention, this time put less salt @ add the hot water for 焯Bacon, about half a spoon The fire continues to stir fry, the water is almost added to the fried bacon and finally sprinkled with black pepper.

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