Recipe: [Amazing feast, super concentrated delicious] tomato seafood soup

Home Cooking Recipe: [Amazing feast, super concentrated delicious] tomato seafood soup


The excellent feast is not the usual tomato soup. A whole bottle of white wine is the key. The 6 tomatoes guarantee the rich base of the soup. The three kinds of seafood tastes varied and sweet, with the original French baguette and soup. , meet ~ this recipe is the amount of four people, other important 叨叨 please see the bottom tips



  1. Prepare 1, treat seafood: add water to the pot, add salt, pour into the pot, let stand for two to three hours, wash the sand and wash it; the squid is thawed at room temperature for about two hours, rinse after thawing, cut into large pieces; prawns Thaw, go to the shrimp head, burn a pot of water, add ginger, add water to the prawns, remove the color and remove

  2. Prepare 2, handle other raw materials: 6 tomatoes, poke chopsticks into the bottom, bake on the fire, peel, cut small pieces; purple onion one whole, cut small Ding; two pieces of ham cut small Ding; chickpeas in advance Soak for at least 12 hours, add water to the small pot, cook the beans for about 20 minutes, cook until the beans can easily bite open, and remove the spare. Prepare some hot water

  3. Formal steps: a small piece of butter is spread in the stockpot, pour all the onion and ham, stir fry in medium and small heat, add a small amount of hot water while drying, a small amount, until the onion is completely soft, the color is half Transparent. At this time, it has already been full of fragrance, and you are so intoxicated that you can turn your eyes.

  4. Pour all the tomato pieces, add half a bottle of white wine, stir fry the meat in the middle of the fire, the tomato is soft, a lot of juice, the juice will shrink when the stir fry, still a small amount of heating water, while stirring, pot The mixture in the mixture has been in a state of chaos

  5. Until the tomato has no obvious chunks, thicker like pasta sauce, add three kinds of seafood in turn, and chickpeas, pour the remaining half a bottle of white wine, take a spoon and taste the taste from time to time, according to the wine The degree of dryness and the amount of water in the soup, add appropriate amount of hot water, boil over high heat

  6. Until you can't taste the obvious wine smell, add a small fire for half an hour, spread the right amount of salt and mixed spices according to the taste, you can go to the table.


White wines don't need to be too expensive, the most common ones. I use dry white, the taste is more intense, and it is suitable for four people to adjust to the water to balance, and not too light, rest assured. You can also use semi-dry white, water can be added less, suitable for less than four people. I haven't tried it, I don't want extra sweetness, because the seafood itself is already sweet enough (especially shrimp). I like the taste of the onion, so I chose purple onion and white skin. A whole amount can be put on, you must be patient and soft, you will thank it for the choice of two or three kinds of seafood, if you do a small amount or too much trouble, you can only use shrimp. I didn't open the shrimp line because the soup needed to be cooked for a certain period of time. If the shrimp was opened on the back, the meat would be old. Chickpeas are some of the things I made when I was doing hummus, so that the taste is more abundant, but it can be omitted, but if you want to add it, you must soak and cook according to the instructions.

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