Recipe: Amaranth yellow fish spring rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth yellow fish spring rolls


Since the yellow croaker and the yellow croaker, the popularity of the yellow croaker spring rolls and the yellow croaker sticks is also changing. The combination of leeks and yellow croakers makes the spring rolls suddenly become a grade.



  1. The small yellow croakers are cleaned up, only two pieces of fish on the front and back of the fish body are taken, and the knife is changed into a strip of 1 cm wide and 5 cm long; the salt, cooking wine and pepper are mixed for 5 minutes;

  2. Cut the leeks to the roots, wash and chop them; stir fry them in a frying pan, add about 2 scoops of water, transfer the salt and chicken powder, and simmer with water starch;

  3. Prepare a little dry starch and use it for clearing the spring roll. Take the spring roll and spread it. Put a small spoonful of leeks paste and put a piece of yellow croaker meat into a spring roll; fry in a frying pan until the goldens become brittle.


The small yellow croaker is best to use fresh and unfrozen, the fish is tender and tasteless; the leeks must be chopped and fried into a glutinous paste, otherwise the mouthfeel is very strong; after hooking, the two materials can be better Fusion; the juice must be well-thick, too thick and not lubricious, too thin and easy to break.

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