Recipe: Amaranth, winter bamboo shoot, yellow croaker

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth, winter bamboo shoot, yellow croaker


This is a special dish of dear aunt, and every time the feast will cause a sensation. This sudden whimsy experiment, the effect is not bad.



  1. Wash the fresh small yellow croaker and select the middle part of the abdomen and the back. Each fish has only two small pieces. This time I shared 22 small yellow croakers.

  2. After the fish is fine, the salted wine is placed on the scallion and the ginger slices are marinated for more than 1 hour. Wash the leek and cut to the end, stir fry and serve. After the winter bamboo shoots are drowned, the diced diced.

  3. After adding boiled water in the pan, pick the marinated fish and pick the scallion and ginger slices into the pot. Continue to boil until the water is opened with medium heat, and add the winter bamboo shoots and the leeks. Continue to cook for a minute after boiling, put the salt and thicken with starch. Go out and spread the white pepper!


Don't throw the remaining fish belly and fish back bones. You can put the salt into the oil pan and fry. After the pan, it is crispy and crispy fried yellow croaker. I mixed it with a proper amount of oil and fry it in an air fryer. After the pan, sprinkle with cumin powder or salt and pepper powder. It is delicious. Really a fish and two to eat!

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