Recipe: Amaranth spring rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth spring rolls


I rarely do this kind of food at home, because my parents are too busy, but it is because I occasionally eat it, I feel very delicious. This time I started to do it myself. It’s just salty, just crisp, biting the filling. Unexpectedly, the happiness is bursting, and the weight loss horses are all clouds, and they are the spring rolls that they make themselves (but they are fried by Mommy, the oil temperature is still better than Mommy), and more delicious in the future. ~~~



  1. Let the leek go to the old stalk and wash it. After drowning (be careful not to lick for too long, it will be old), squeeze out the water and chop it up.

  2. Use the water of the leeks to simmer the mushrooms, then remove the chopped spares.

  3. 5 eggs into the bowl to break up, hot oil pan 7 points cooked into half a bowl of egg liquid omelette (a bit thick, but thiner than the taste it), continue to fry the second egg skin, then Cut the egg skins for use

  4. Hot oil pan more oil (the oil is too little, the vegetarian filling will not be good, so you have to add more points to have a taste), the chopped leeks, mushrooms, egg skins are poured in, add sugar, salt, MSG, Stir evenly

  5. The next step is to pack the spring rolls, saying that it is difficult, saying that simple is not simple, because I like the stuffy and thin taste of the stuffing, a lot of stuffing in the bread, so if you accidentally peel the skin, you must be careful ~~

  6. The next step is to fry the spring rolls, but the kung fu live, the oil heat turns to a small fire and then begins to fry, otherwise it is easy to focus.


It’s better to add more oil to the vegetarian stuffing. If you buy a skin that is thin, it is best to put a little stuffing or it will break easily. Fried spring rolls, the oil pan is hot, and the fire is fried.

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