Recipe: Amaranth spring rolls

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth spring rolls


In the spring of Yang, my Jiangnan is not only peach red, but also wild vegetables! Jiangnan people love wild vegetables, and they are eaten in the water, on the surface, and on the trees. In the middle, they can taste good, in addition to delicious, more natural.



  1. Wash the leek and remove the old stalk. After drowning, squeeze the water slightly (don't pour it) and chop it.

  2. Add salt, sugar, chicken and an egg to the minced meat, and mix the appropriate amount of leek water in one direction to make the minced meat thicker.

  3. Add the leek and sesame oil to the minced meat and mix well.

  4. Prepare a small bowl of starch water

  5. Put a proper amount of filling on one end of the spring roll, wrap it up according to the method of Figure 5-9, and apply a little water on the mouth.

  6. You can pack more at a time, put it in the refrigerator after the package, and take it with you.

  7. Fried

  8. Hot oil in the pot, 40% hot, put in spring rolls, small fire to the appearance of golden crispy


1. If you don't use amaranth, it is very delicious with amaranth and scallions.

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