Recipe: Amaranth preserved egg soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth preserved egg soup


Amaranth has high nutritional value and is rich in vitamin C. It should not be cooked for a long time when cooking. It is best to close the lid to avoid the loss of the nutrients of the leek.



  1. The leek is washed and torn into two pieces by hand (roots are placed, leaves are returned to the leaves), and the garlic is peeled and chopped.

  2. The preserved egg is shelled and crushed with a knife back. Carefully cut into the petals when you pay attention to it. (The blade is vinegared, the preserved egg is not sticky, and the vinegar is cut once.)

  3. When sitting in a pot, when the oil is 4% hot, pour it into the garlic and sizzle

  4. Turn the fire into the leeks, first put the roots of the vegetables and stir-fry the leaves, stir well, add the chicken broth and boil over medium heat.

  5. Put the preserved egg and cook until the leek is soft and cooked.


Both chicken and preserved eggs have a savory taste. This dish can be free of MSG. (If you use clear water, you need to add some MSG to freshen) After the preserved egg is placed, the preserved egg will have a more delicious flavor. The leek should be eaten with the turtle; the preserved egg should not be eaten with the turtle, plum, and brown sugar.

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