Recipe: Amaranth pork dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth pork dumplings


The simplest and most convenient dumplings can be frozen in the refrigerator at the end of the weekend. When you want to eat, cook it, it is delicious and delicious!



  1. Cut a pound of pork into small cubes, cut the ginger, cut the onions into small pieces, and put them into the meat grinder to form the meat.

  2. Put the meat in a large bowl, add cooking oil, soy sauce, sesame oil, salt and MSG, and mix the meat in one direction.

  3. Wash the leek, leave it for a while, drain it, then cut into pieces and mix well with the meat. You can taste the salty taste and decide if you want to add salt.

  4. I started to make dumplings, and I used the dumpling skin I bought, which saved a lot of work. After the package is over, put the refrigerator in the freezer, and the rest is cooked and eaten!

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