Recipe: Amaranth egg stuffing dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth egg stuffing dumplings


Our heads of households love to eat dumplings, so...····························································· Every time I pack this dumpling, I will smugly remember the little tricks that my mother taught. I really got a lot of true biography from my mother~~



  1. Cold water and noodles, linger for a while.

  2. Choose the leek and wash it. Sprinkle in the water for a while and remove the drain.

  3. Beat the eggs into the bowl, add a little cooking wine, water, a little salt to the eggs, and then mix the eggs in one direction, so that the eggs are better. The hot oil in the hot pot is poured into the beaten egg liquid and stir-fried.

  4. The leek is chopped, and the fried eggs are chopped and set aside.

  5. Take a larger container and fill it. After the leek and eggs are put in, make a raw egg and put in peanut oil. Stir in a direction with chopsticks.

  6. At this time, check if there is no better underneath. If there is no problem, put salt and a little oyster sauce in the filling and stir again. If you are not good, don't put salt in the stuffing. The leek is very easy to get out of water, you know.

  7. Divide the dough into several pieces and make small doses according to your own customary method. You can use the knife to cut into small pieces, and cut them into small pieces with a knife.

  8. The small dose is squashed and the dumplings are licked. Make dumplings.

  9. Wrap the dumplings and let the dumplings go in and cook. The cooking dumplings will not be repeated. Let's put some salt. The leek and egg stuffing does not need to be cooked for too long. It is almost three times.


1. The inside of the egg is filled with wine and water. This is the secret of scrambled eggs. Every time it is so dripping~ 2. When you put a raw egg into the stuffing, it is taught by the mother, so the leek is not so irritating to the stomach. 3. It is very easy to get water after the leek is put in salt, so be sure to confirm the noodles, and then put the salt in other things. This is very important. 4. When cooking dumplings, put some salt in the water. The leek and egg stuffing does not need to be cooked for too long. It is almost the same when you roll it three times.

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