Recipe: Amaranth egg dumplings (good to eat dumplings)

Home Cooking Recipe: Amaranth egg dumplings (good to eat dumplings)


The most simple and easy to eat, but not enough to eat dumplings, simple to invincible, fillings only need leek, eggs, salad oil and salt, to maximize the original flavor of the leek and egg combination inspired ~



  1. Flour with warm water and a moderately soft dough, knead and covered with plastic wrap for a while.

  2. Picking leek, washing and cutting

  3. Eggs are broken up, the pot is hot and put into salad oil, put into the broken eggs, use chopsticks to quickly slide the egg liquid in the pot into granules, turn off the oil after a little solidification, continue to use the remaining temperature in the pot to put the eggs Stir until solidified, put it in the end of the leek, add the salad oil and mix well, add salt and mix well.

  4. The steps of making dumplings and cooking dumplings are not bad. You can refer to other dumpling recipes, which are written in great detail.


1, eggs do not fry too much fire, tender little to eat, fried eggs must be allowed to cool in order to put into the leek 2, oil is best to use salad oil and other small smell of oil, so as not to cover the original taste of leek 3, tune When filling, be sure to put the oil first and then put the salt, so that the leek is too much water. 4. The amaranth itself is very strong and delicious. Don't put too much seasoning to keep the leek itself delicious.

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